SAIT - Career Exploration Centre Website


SAIT's CEC Website is used to help students and teachers apply for the programs and give them pre-work activities that they must complete in order to attend. 


The mock-up was created using Illustrator. After the mock up was created, the design was created in Joomla. The site allowed for teacher and student logins with content limited to the users permissions. 



Final website

After SAIT's re-branding, the final site was edited to match SAIT's new colour scheme. 




ICT 564: User Experience Design - Final Assignment (Thread Collective)

Combining all the methods, techniques and knowledge from the course, the final assignment was to incorporate everything learned from the course into a fictional website or app. Using the RDV loop, wire-frames, interactive prototypes, and testing the plans for the app were completed.  

SAIT - Career Exploration Centre Wireframes

Created wireframes to aid in the instructional design of the eLearning activities at the CEC. 


ICT 564: User Experience Design - NewsFeeder

For the UXD 154 Course, the assignment was to design a website or app that would display news articles. Research was conducted to identify Business Initiatives (BI) and User Needs (UN). User personas, use cases, content and functional requirements were generated to plan for BI and UN. Once that was complete,using information architecture, a structure is mapped out to determine all the outcomes for potential user actions. Wire frames are then created to outline the design, followed by interactive prototypes. User testing is done using techniques such as A/B and click testing.

NewsFeeder - Landing Page

NewsFeeder - Login

NewsFeeder - Read Article

Wedding Website - Mockup

Design for my wedding website.