SAIT - Career Exploration Center


The Career Exploration Centre (CEC) at SAIT Polytechnic is a unique, experiential, learner-centered facility for youth in grades 8 and 9.

The Centre is designed to encourage grade 8 and 9 students to explore their future career options based on their interests. A visit to the Career Exploration Centre will enhance their understanding of careers, the career exploration process, and applied education — preparing them to make informed learning and career pathway choices in high school and beyond.

Students use the CEC website with videos and eLearning lessons to learn more about careers and the CEC. When they arrive at the CEC, students get to try different careers by following instructions given to them by an eLearning activity on a laptop while doing work on the physical activity at the same time. 

Computer Technicain



Using the eLearning activity, students learn about what Computer Technicians do in their job including installing new power supplies, disassembling and reassembling a computer and using testing equipment such as multimeters.

In this drag and drop activity, students learn the different parts of a computer. 

Using variables and triggers in Adobe Storyline, students test the physical power supply with a multimeter. Using the data displayed by the multimeter, the student enters in the voltage of the reading to answer the question. Correct and incorrect feedback is used based on the students ranged answer and three attempts are given before the answer is displayed. 

Using short video clips, students can see how each step is done through the video demonstration. 




While physically putting together pipes, students use the eLearning activity to learn how to assemble them. What pipes to use based on measurements and calculations, and how to use tools such as levels. 

Students learn how plumbing works in a sink. 

Using the diagram students learn how to assemble pipes for a bathroom sink. 

Using short video clips, students can see how each step is done through the video demonstration. 

Career Lingo – Drag and drop

Students in junior high may be unfamiliar with some terms related to post-secondary and careers. In this eLearning drag and drop activity, students drag and drop use terms and definitions to help them with their understanding.

Software used: Articulate Storyline

SAIT City – Isometric City

Students go onto the CEC website to learn more about different careers in an industry. By exploring all the industries of SAIT City, students learn what key skills, working conditions and the education that are required when working in a career.

Software used: Articulate Storyline

Career Focus

Students use career focuses like build, repair and operate or calculate and analyze to help them find careers that are related to the career focus. This eLearning activity helps them explore different careers in these focuses they may not have thought of.

Software used: Articulate Storyline

CEC Passport Ink Stamps

When students come to the CEC, they can earn passport stamps for certain achievements such as doing the online pre-work, completing a reflection sheet, putting extra effort, and adding to their poster. The stamps are used to help positively motivate students to complete tasks.

Ink Stamp illustrations created using Illustrator.

Reflection Sheets

Students use reflection sheets to see what aspects of a career they like. There are reflection sheets for the careers that students can try at the CEC.

eCompliance - Occupational Health & Safety

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The Impact of Health and Safety

Deconstructing the 1987 King’s Cross Station Fire

How Can Inspections Prevent Incidents?

SMART Technologies

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Bridgit iPad two minute tutorial

SMART Podium two minute tutorial (Education)

SMART Podium two minute tutorial (Business)

SMART Audio two minute tutorial (Education)

Blatant Media

Various eLearning Clients